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"At the end of this path, I think the aspect of the course that I appreciated the most- the one I remember more dearly and I will certainly miss- was the amazing opportunity to be lectured by experts coming not only from very different geographical, but also professional backgrounds. I could see the enthusiasm and the involvement in the eyes of many among them when they told us about their direct experiences in Middle Eastern countries. Their words guided us in the discovery and exploration of this region, and were also fundamental to foster our interest and to give a clearer face to our hopes and expectations. "

Lorena Stella Martini, MIMES student 2015-2016 (Italy)

"As a graduate from the Master in Middle Eastern studies 2016, I can definitely describe 2016 as the most inspiring, eye-opening and challenging year so far. During my time at ASERI, academic discussions with a variety of experts in a diversified environment were accompanied by the development of what I know will be friendships for a lifetime. The Master gave me the opportunity to intern in Tel Aviv, Israel, a goal I had wanted to achieve for a long time. Because of this specializing Master, I feel capable of pursuing an international academic career."

Marie Figoureux, MIMES student 2015-2016 (Belgium)

"Every class was an occasion for us to learn, to think, to ask, to wonder, to discuss, to question. All the subjects that we studied were like pieces of an harmonious puzzle: we were asked to put all of them together, in a way that at the end of the day it could finally make sense.

What I appreciated most is the approach of this Master: we have been taught the importance of having a critical attitude and always being curious, challenging stereotypes, refusing simplistic views, looking beyond the end of one's nose to understand such a complex and diverse reality like the Middle East. This is exactly what we were looking for. With different backgrounds and nationalities and with a specific reason for being here, each of us gave something to the others, adding value to this experience.

This Master and my internship enriched me, made me a stronger person, improved my critical thinking, further opening my mind."

Libera Chiara D'Acunto, MIMES student 2014-2015 (Italy)

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