Master in Economics and International Policies - MEPIN


 "The Master has been an excellent opportunity to learn, explore and develop knowledge on topics related to the Economy and the International Policies. It has given me the keys to better understand and interpret the world processes and the political and economic issues that are defining an international reality which is more and more complex and unpredictable. In addition, through the seminars held by international academics and professionals, I got to experience a more practical approach to University courses. The working groups on case studies also proved an excellent opportunity to know my classmates and to build friendships which still exist today. Thanks to the interdisciplinary program and the international network of the two prestigious Universities, after the Master I was able to evaluate more than one opportunity in many professional fields. I am currently working in the financial and insurance sector of SACE and I manage  the relationships between my company and banks and trade associations. In addition, I support the business development of the export sector of the Italian SMEs."

Martin Biffi, 9th Edition, Advisory SME Specialist, SACE.

 "The multidisciplinary approach on which the Master is based has been crucial on giving me the necessary tools to create a deep knowledge of international dynamics, both economically and politically. The international composition of the faculty and the multicultural atmosphere in the classroom has been the added value to the excellent quality of teaching. The opportunity to study in such a context has strengthened my ability to understand the cultural differences which, according to me, is a fundamental prerequisite for anyone who wants to work in an international arena. MEPIN has also opened me up many interesting working opportunities. During the Master in fact I lived for a short time in Qatar where I developed my thesis project on monetary union among the Gulf countries. After this experience I won a scholarship, offered by the Università Cattolica, for an internship in London as a visiting researcher at the Department of International Economics of Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs), one of the leading independent think tank on the subject of the international relations. At the end of the six-month traineeship, I was offered a contract in the same department as a Research Assistant and I was later promoted to Administrator for the whole department. After this period I left Chatham House because I chose to go back to University to specialize in banking law at the Queen Mary University of London."

Michele Bazzano, 10th Edition, International Economic Department Administrator, Chatham House (2014-2016).

 "The Master MEPIN is a wide-ranging training course that allowed me to look at the international events with  more and more critical thinking, teaching me to always keep in mind all the aspects of a certain issue: from the economic side to the legal one and as last but not the least the political and social one. The opportunity to meet and be trained by experts coming from all over the world has enriched my experience and training in the Master course, they have in fact shared with the class both their expertise and their experiences within different companies. I also found really interesting and enriching the choice to develop the two semester of the Master in two different Universities and in two different countries. Moreover the Master opened me the door to a rewarding job in the consultancy sector and allowed me to discover a variety of areas and new topics I am very passionate about. I decided to deepen my knowledge by attending a new specialization part-time course while I am working."

Giulia Petrolito, 10th Edition, Business Analyst, Accenture.

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