Learning objectives

MEPIN offers a wide range of scientific tools and specific skills, which are essential for understanding the economic and political phenomena linked to globalisation and the functioning of public and international institutions.
The basis on which the entire programme is developed is linked to the study of economics, law and institutions, and international politics
The programme also provides the multidisciplinary and managerial knowledge necessary to address issues such as sustainable development, globalisation of markets, population ageing, migratory phenomena and, more generally, forms of cooperation between public authorities and private economic operators aimed at achieving a common objective, such as the provision of a service or the creation and management of a project.
The study of the areas of intersection between the public and private sectors, from the local to the global level, requires skills in both the economic-financial and public-policy fields, as well as knowledge of the legal, regulatory and communication aspects of the relationship between the parties. 

Master Structure

Four semesters - Two campuses
The academic part of the Master is divided between the Usi Campus, in Lugano (two semesters) and ASERI – Università Cattolica Campus, In Milan (one semester).

First and second semester: lectures

@USI - Lugano
The courses offered by the Faculty of Economics are classified into three main areas:
  • Economic and methodological area
  • Political and institutional area
  • Sustainable development area

Third semester: lectures

@ASERI - Milan
This semester offers both an in-depth study of the economic-financial, legal and political issues related to the intersections between the public and private sectors, and a specific analysis of the various forms of public-private partnership. The courses are grouped into three disciplinary areas:
  • Economic area
  • Institutional area
  • Political area
The full program and the syllabi of the courses are available on the USI websitee. >click here

Fourth semester: Project work (thesis) and internship

To complete the program students are required to develop a personal research project on an issue related to Economics and International Policies, under the supervision of a MEPIN professor. The project work may be developed with reference to the internship experience.
Finally, internship in a national or international institution concludes their master’s experience. 



Credits and degree

MEPIN awards a 120 CFU double degree:

  • a Swiss Master's degree awarded by USI (Laurea magistrale under Swiss law)
  • a first-level university Master's degree awarded by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan (under Italian legislation)
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