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MEPIN addresses to: 

  • Graduates with a bachelor's/master's degree in Economics, Political Science, Law, Humanities, Linguistic Sciences, Foreign Literature, Sociology, Philosophy or related disciplines.
    The presence of graduates from different disciplines is considered a valuable opportunity for the exchange of ideas and experiences. 
    Neverthelss, eligible candidates with a Bachelor in Economics, Political Sciences and Law are admitted directly, while Candidates with other academic backgrounds may be required to recover some CFU in Economics, Business Administration and Statistic to be admitted.
  • Young professionals motivated to strengthen their economic, legal and political skills.

Entry Requirements

In order to be admitted in the Master Programme candidates must:

  • have completed a Bachelor University degree
  • posses a good knowledge of English: though the master is mainly taught in Itlian, some courses are held in English.
  • have a strong motivation
  • pass a selection process based on CV

Selection process

The selection process is conducted by USI - Università della Svizzera Italiana.
How to apply? Check out here

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