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International Cooperation and Development - MICAD

Academic Year: 2022/23
When: January 2023 - December 2023
Where: Milan @ASERI
Applications Deadline: October 27, 2022


Change makers for global sustainable development


The Master in International Cooperation and Development (MICAD) offers a stimulating, interdisciplinary learning environment for addressing and exploring tentative solutions to poverty, inequality, conflict, instability and uncertainty which still affect the everyday life of a majority of the world population.



First level specializing master (Master universitario di primo livello)


1 year: January 2023 - December 2023.
In presence classes + Project Work + Internship (3 months)



MICAD addresses to:

  • Young graduates with a strong interest in partnering for cooperation and development, willing to acquire interdisciplinary competences and professional tools.
  • Professionals in different fields who aspire to apply their competences to cooperation and development and want to reinforce their theroetical and applied competences.


Professional outcomes 

Thanks to the well-balanced mix between theoretical knowledge and practical approach, students acquire specific set of professional skills to successfully start a career in NGOs, international organizations, think tanks, and foundations at national and international level. 

Language of instruction

MAGS is taught in English


60 ECTS credits.

Applications deadline: 

October 27, 2022

Prof Beretta's address

the director | video

Prof Beretta's address

MICAD offers a framework for interdisciplinary analysis of the global situation, among international students, scholars and professionals. We explore solutions to the world problems, through the coordinated efforts of governmental and non-governmental actors. Partnering is a key word in pursuing  development and inclusion: cooperation is about empowering the vulnerable, the poor in becoming protagonists of their own development. Partnering for development is about local projects, but even more about appropriate national and global policies. This is what I work for, this is what I invite you to work for.

MICAD highlights


Discover the MICAD features directly from the Master Staff. 

Meet the Director, Prof Simona Beretta, the Progam Coordinator, Elisa Bonomi and Arianna Boriani, MICAD Alumna, connected from Uganda. 


Filippo Oggioni | Global Digital Fundraising Specialist | UNICEF

2007 - 08

Filippo Oggioni | Global Digital Fundraising Specialist | UNICEF

This is MICAD for me: motivation, inspiration, curiosity. The Master gave me the chance to understand what I really wanted to do in life. Knowing professors and students sharing similar interests and passions motivated me day by day. It allowed me to apply to various jobs in small NGOs, but also in international organizations such as UNICEF in Nepal and Switzerland. To the new students: remain focused and always measure the impact we have with our work in our team, in our office, in our community and in our society. This way we can contribute to the missions of the institutions we work for.

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