The ASERI voices in time of the Covid-19 crisis

Within the initiative "Le voci delle Alte Scuole in tempo di crisi", the international health emergency that has affected the planet in its entirety in recent months, requires careful and in-depth reflections by several important academic and professional figures. The Aseri faculty, which has been studying and analyzing international situations with a clear voice for years, also gives its esteemed contribution.

Four videos in which four of our faculty members give us a comment of the situation form different angles.

What is the European Union’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak?
Mr Matteo Carlo Borsani, MAGS lecturer and European Affairs Director for Confindustria, explains the strategy and the three main pillars that the European Commission is discussing for improving the lives of citizens and companies in the current crisis.


Covid-19: what can statistics teach us?
Ms Giovanna Prennushi, MICaD lecturer and independent consultant and
former World Bank economist


How COVID 19 affected the Middle East
Prof. Riccardo Redaelli, MIMES Director and Full Professor of Geopolithics and History of Asia at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


Governments' performances to manage Covid-19
Prof. Joseph Grieco, MEPIN lecturer and Full Professor of Political Science at Duke University

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